Bear Implant

The BEAR Implant is the first medical advancement to enable your body to heal its own torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

That’s a big deal, because until now your ACL would have been replaced with either another tendon from your body or a tendon from a donor.

ACL tears are often treated with surgery called ACL reconstruction

During ACL reconstruction, an orthopedic surgeon removes your torn ACL and replaces it with a graft from another part of your leg (called an autograft) or a donor (called an allograft).

Unlike many other ligaments in the body, your torn ACL does not have the ability to heal on its own.

A thick liquid – called synovial fluid – reduces friction between the bones when you move your knee. As important as this uid is for proper knee function, it also prevents the formation of blood clots that are critical for healing.

The BEAR Implant is different because it works with your own blood to heal the torn ends of your ACL back together.

It is designed to hold and protect your blood to allow the formation of a clot, which is necessary for healing. Torn ACL Surgeon adds your own blood to the BEAR Implant Surgeon inserts

Bear Implant

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Bear Implant Public Relation Toolkit

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